Aritaum Modi Nail Quick Dryer

As someone who has their nails painted 99% of the time, I bought this product in the hope it would be a great addition to my manicure routine. It promises to rapidly decrease the length of drying time of freshly painted nails, whilst ensuring no smudging from a brush like you might get with a traditional top coat. I actually really like the concept of the pipette- it allows you to drop the Continue reading

Tony Moly Tonynail Nail Polish

Shade #D28 Mint

I am always looking for new nail polishes, so I had to try out this one from Tony Moly as it was an absolute bargain at less than £3. They have a pretty good selection of options for each colour family, and this looked a bit different to any other turquoise-green colours I have so I thought I’d give it a go. It looks a bit brighter even than the pictures below show, and it’s a perfect, Continue reading

Tony Moly Panda’s Dream White Hand Cream

Compared to pretty perfume bottles and lipsticks, hand cream isn’t usually the sort of thing you’ll be displaying on your vanity table. This little product changes that, combining serious function and adorable form. The panda actually works like a little jar of hand cream, the top of which twists off. It has a smooth, creamy texture which is surprisingly both light and very Continue reading