Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask

This mask is one of those products which gets rave reviews so of course I had to try it out. It’s formulated with some sort of mineral which comes from the solidified lava of volcanic eruptions on Jeju island in South Korea, said to be highly effective at absorbing excess oil and clearing out pores. The mask is good value for money- it costs about £8-£9 but it comes in a very generously sized 50ml pot which I feel like will last forever, as after using it about 4 times it still looks like I’ve hardly scraped the surface. It applies on the skin very nicely and it doesn’t make your face feel hard and crackly when it dries- unlike some other clay masks which can feel uncomfortable or flake off if you try to move your face at all! I also like that it is unscented, and that innisfree claims it is “4 free” – it contains no animal-derived ingredients, no artificial colours and no mineral oil or alcohol, so it’s ideal for those with both sensitive skin and pore issues. I find it leaves my skin very smooth and my pores reduced in size. Overall I think this is a very nice face mask and I will keep using it, although for really clearing out pores I don’t think it can beat my all-time favourite from Mario Badescu, their Silver Powder.
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