The Face Shop Lovely Me:Ex Cushion Blush

Shade #1 – Rose Cushion
This adorable powder blush from The Face Shop is available in 5 different shades: rose, coral, plum, pink and peach, all of which look beautiful so it was difficult to buy just one! The rose version looks bright in the box, but can be applied lightly for a more sheer effect, and it’s a great colour for all skin tones. The packaging is obviously one of the main things that drew me to this product, it’s such a cute little box and each shade has a different design. It comes with a small powder puff which you can use to apply the product, however, I find it works best when used with a regular blush brush as this allows for a more even application. The cushion blush has a reasonable wear time and will last for a few hours without touch ups, but it’s definitely not a long-wear product. It’s also advertised as having a ‘sweet, pleasant scent’, however to me it doesn’t smell any different to any of my other powders… Not that there is anything wrong with that of course! Overall this is a really pretty blush and I would look to get more shades, but it can’t quite beat my current favourites from Holika Holika and Tarte.
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