Lioele Dr Ampoule Pore Clean & Tighten Serum

The Pore Clean & Tighten serum is one of two products in the Dr Ampoule range by Lioele, the other being the Super Moisture Hyaluronic Acid serum intended for night use to plump up the skin. This product is designed for use during the day, to help control sebum production using zinc and witch hazel, and to reduce pore size. The description from Lioele says it can be used, in a similar fashion to Benefit’s cult favourite The Porefessional, both as a final step to skincare or over the top of make-up to touch up throughout the day. However, having tried both methods I’d say the serum is much better for the former than the latter. As a step before make-up, it is actually pretty effective; the formula is very runny and comes with a dropper for hygienic application, and then it takes a minute or so to fully dry once you have spread it over your face, but then it leaves a nice, matte effect without diminishing radiance. Although, when used over the top of make-up it tends to smear foundation/powder so the effect isn’t very even. In this respect I think the Porefessional works much better at blending in with already-applied make-up. Overall though I think this is a great product, it feels fresh and light on the skin and the reduced-pore effect is quite long lasting. It also seems to make a good base for make-up, and would be great for people with blemish-prone skin who want something which will help to tighten the pores without clogging them and leading to more breakouts. It’s not the cheapest skincare product at about £10 a bottle, but as you only need a couple of drops each time it should last a good while.

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Evernote Camera Roll 20150628 175942

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