Luke Charcoal Nose Cleansing Strips

I tried these pore strips after receiving several samples with beauty orders from Korea. They are very inexpensive, starting at about £1 for 5 sheets, making them much cheaper than the well-known Bioré pore cleansing strips. The Luke strips claim to adhere to dirt and sebum in pores and lift away blackheads, leaving your pores clean and tighter, and they work in much the same way as the Bioré ones, where you wet the strip, place it on the nose and leave for about 20 minutes until it hardens and you can peel it off (the fun part). However, I don’t think these strips are quite as good as the Bioré version. Whilst I’m lucky not to really have a major problem with blackheads around my nose, I found that these didn’t really make a huge difference, though maybe they would work better for people for whom blackheads are more of an issue. For the price you can’t really complain, but overall if I had to choose between the two products mentioned I would have to go with the Bioré cleansing strips as personally I think they work a bit better.

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