Tony Moly Mini Peach Lip Balm

Ok, let’s just start by acknowledging that this is the most adorable little fruit in the world. This tiny peach is one of three fruit-shaped lip balms from Tony Moly, the others being a cherry and a blueberry, and if the peach one is anything to go by then each will have a definite scent of the fruit it represents. It smells lovely, just like peach flavour sweets, and is a sheer peachy colour in the pot, though it comes out basically clear on the lips. The product says it contains vitamins, shea butter and rosehip oil to moisturise the lips, and I think it is quite effective at doing so. It feels really nice and smooth without being greasy, and after it has soaked in it leaves the lips feeling more hydrated. The one downside to this product is that, like with many pot lip balms, it can be fairly difficult to get any out at first since it is set in solid form, and of course you don’t want to dig your finger in there to scoop out the balm as that would ruin the prettiness of it! This isn’t too much of a problem though as it starts to warm up a little with the heat of your hands. Overall I really like this little peach, priced at about £4, as it is both adorable and functional. I really want to try the cherry and the blueberry now!

Evernote Camera Roll 20150509 092624 Evernote Camera Roll 20150509 092625

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