Etude House Secret Beam Highlighter

Shade #2 – Gold & Beige mix

Yet another product I have picked up lately in anticipation of summer! This baked highlighting powder from Étude House is available in two different versions, one which is more cool-toned and the other warm. In the pan this mix of gold, peach and white tones really does look beautiful, and they blend together to give a shimmery, warm finish without looking like you have glitter on your face. In fact, the effect is so natural that it is almost too sheer, but this would be great for those who don’t like to use a highlighter that appears too obvious. The product itself has quite a “powdery” formulation in that a make up brush seemingly picks up a fair amount at once and it tends to dust all over, but this doesn’t make it apply any thicker on the face, so you can’t really go wrong by using too much powder. The staying power isn’t brilliant, it lasts maybe just a couple of hours before fading, but for less than £5 you can’t really complain. Overall I like this highlighter, but it isn’t the first one I reach for on a daily basis. However I think it would be great for people looking for a sheer highlighter, pretty packaging and good value for money.

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