Missha The Style Tinted Jelly Lips

Shade #4 – Sunny Coral

I had heard a lot of good things about this tinted lip gloss from Missha and I’m pretty impressed.  It is available in 5 different shades ranging from baby pink to deep red, but I felt like the coral shade would be the best for summer. It claims to be a lip gloss that also leaves a stain on your lips, so it supposedly deepens as you leave it on. I’m not sure about this claim actually, for whilst it does give the lips a lovely colour, I don’t think it stains them very much- once the gloss wears off it doesn’t really leave any tint behind. However this might be different with the other shades, and does wear quite well, lasting for several hours on the lips without moving. It has a relatively thick, gel-like texture which can feel a bit tacky, but it’s not so gloopy that you’re going to get your hair stuck in it. The gloss comes in a squeeze tube with a brush applicator, which I actually don’t think is best for a product of this consistency as it leaves the brush all sticky and stiff and can make it not so easy to apply after a while, however you could squeeze a drop out and use your fingers to apply if preferred. You only need a really tiny amount to cover your lips, so given it comes with 9g I feel like this product will last forever! Overall I do really like the look of this lip gloss, it has a natural hint of colour which is not too overbearing and not too sheer. The application isn’t ideal and I’m not sure about the long-lasting tinting claims, but for around £7 it is pretty good value and I would consider purchasing more shades.

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