Tony Moly Tonynail Nail Polish

Shade #D28 Mint

I am always looking for new nail polishes, so I had to try out this one from Tony Moly as it was an absolute bargain at less than £3. They have a pretty good selection of options for each colour family, and this looked a bit different to any other turquoise-green colours I have so I thought I’d give it a go. It looks a bit brighter even than the pictures below show, and it’s a perfect,fun spring-summer shade. The formula itself is quite thin however, and it definitely takes two coats to get it even and opaque. I’m also not too keen on the brush, it feels quite thin and cheap and I much prefer the kind of flat, square type brush that you get with OPI or Sephora polishes, for example. As for the staying power, it lasted a good 7 days before chipping, however this was after having also used Sèche Vite top coat so I’m not sure how long it would last on its own! Overall I think this is a pretty good nail polish, I love the colour and you can’t really complain about the quality because it’s so cheap anyway. I’d recommend picking one up if you find a colour you like!

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