The Skin House UV Protection Sun Block

SPF 50

This is the first product I’ve tried from The Skin House and it has made me want to try more! With summer approaching, I was looking for a high-SPF sun cream especially for the face that I could use on a daily basis. Usually I use the Clinique Super City Block (SPF 40) which I love, but I wanted to find a cheaper alternative and this cost a third of the price- about £6 as opposed to £18, although for 30ml compared to 40ml. The packaging is simple, clean and it has a fine nozzle which I like because it means you don’t end up squeezing out too much of the product at once. It has a lightweight, non-sticky formula and I find it works quite well as a make-up primer. It hasn’t harmed my sensitive skin at all either. Unlike the Clinique sun block, it doesn’t have any colour tint to it, but this isn’t really a problem for the price. It also has a kind of classic sun-cream scent which I personally like, though it may not be to everyone’s taste and it tends to linger for a little while after being applied. Overall however, this is a nice product which does what it says and is good value for money, so I would definitely consider repurchasing it should it ever run out.

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