Tony Moly AC Control Toner & Moisturiser

These are two of the original products which got me into Korean skincare. I tried a sample of them both on the plane from Hong Kong to London not really knowing what they were, and as soon as I landed and realised that somehow my skin actually looked better than before the 12 hour flight I knew I had to buy them in full-size. Part of the AC Control range, this toner and moisturiser are designed for skin that is both blemish-prone and sensitive, claiming to calm and reduce oil production. They don’t contain parabens or other harmful chemicals and have a lightweight, refreshing feeling on the skin. I usually apply two pumps of each, morning and night, rubbing the product in my hands before applying them to my face- though the toner can be used with cotton pads too. And the result is amazing… Honestly, my skin has never looked better. I don’t tend to get huge breakouts, but if I do this clears them up in no time. When I wake up in the morning my skin looks clear, hydrated and glowing. The packaging feels sturdy, expensive, and the bottles they come in are huge compared to what you normally see in the UK- especially the moisturiser, as they are each 150ml. For this price they are also very cheap at about £9 each, so combined with how long they will last you (after 3 months I’m maybe halfway through a bottle) they are amazing value for money. Overall I can’t recommend these products highly enough and if you’re looking for a new toner or moisturiser I’d say give these a go!


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