Tony Moly Panda’s Dream So Cool Eye Stick

Another adorable product from the Tony Moly Panda’s Dream line, this eye balm comes in solid form in a twist-up stick. Its main function is to cool and hydrate the under-eye area, and it can be used either under or over make-up. Though whilst I love the convenience of this product, it’s not really something I use every day. I often get tired or puffy eyes, but I find the cooling effect is very mild, and though I understand they have to keep it gentle for the sensitive eye area, I’d prefer it to be a bit more tingly and refreshing than it is at present. As for the hydration aspect, I don’t find it to be especially moisturising in comparison to my regular eye creams and it leaves a slight tacky finish which isn’t ideal if you’re trying to apply make-up over the top. What I do use this product for, strangely, is when I’ve washed my face and am about to apply a face mask, either in sheet or cream form, as it gives my eyes just the bit of refreshing hydration they need whilst I have the mask on before I come in with my “proper” eye cream and the rest of my skincare routine afterwards. I also like this product for travelling, it’s ideal if you’re on a plane and just want a quick cooling, moisturising boost without the hassle of a tube or pot of eye cream. Overall I think this product does have it’s uses, however I wouldn’t use it to replace my current eye cream or rush out to buy another if it ran out.

If you’re interested in the Tony Moly Panda’s Dream collection, check out my review on the Whitening Hand Cream here!
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