Tony Moly I’m Real Sheet Face Masks

One of the biggest beauty trends to come out of Korea is undoubtedly sheet face masks. Of this particular range, I’ve tried the Rice, Avocado, Red Wine and Tea Tree versions, but there are 11 different variations in total catering to every skin need. They are based upon natural ingredients and don’t have any nasty chemicals like parabens. My favourites, which I have already repurchased several times, are Rice and Avocado. For those who don’t know how sheet masks work, they basically come as an individual pulp mask pre-soaked in serum which you apply to your face for 15-30mins and then follow with your regular moisturiser. The Rice mask is advertised ambiguously as producing “clear skin”, what it actually does is tighten your pores and fine lines and give your face an immediate “glow” which looks even better the next morning. I use this for special occasions when I just want my skin to look nicer than usual! The second mask, Avocado, is quite accurately described as being for “nutrition”. It does what it says- whenever my face is feeling dry or irritated I use this mask to inject moisture, calm redness and generally make my skin feel happy again. There are a million different sheet masks on the market at the moment and I have tried a fair few, but I’d definitely recommend this range and these two masks in particular as they are inexpensive and for me at least they really do work.

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