Tony Moly New Pocket Bunny Perfume Bar

Scent #3 – Volume Bunny

As with all Tony Moly products, this packaging on this little guy is just adorable. This is one of the 3 new versions of the Pocket Bunny Perfume Bar which have recently come out and I picked it up in store on my recent trip to Hong Kong. I actually liked all three scents but this was my favourite! #1 has a sweet, baby powder scent, #2 is kind of citrusy¬†and peachy, and #3, which I picked up, has a unique sort of floral scent. It is described as having top notes of lemon and citrus, middle notes of jasmine, rose, geranium and “green note floral scent” and base notes of amber and musk. It’s very sweet, warm and girly, a bit different to what I’d normally go for, but I really like it. Being in a twist-up stick form is really convenient, so it’s great for travelling or keeping in your bag as it can’t spill like a liquid perfume. The scent is quite long-lasting as well, I find myself still being able to smell it several hours after applying. Overall I would definitely recommend trying one of these out, they smell great, they’re portable, and of course, super-cute.

Evernote Camera Roll 20150322 155730 Evernote Camera Roll 20150322 155731

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